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How To Motivate Employees To Track Time

Those in charge of running the business are the main beneficiaries of tracking time. The time track tool enables managers and owners to know how much it takes to complete certain projects. Tracking allows for more specific numbers that can be analyzed later and these managers to make effective changes to improve productivity. Below are some of the effective ways you can use to motivate your employees to track time. Let the employees the connection of tracking time and the hours they are paid to offer their services at the company. Pone of the biggest concerns of employees is how much they are paid in the different positions they hold in the company. When you show the employees how billable hours can be improved will definitely get people excited about it. Educate the employees how tracking time can help them remain focused on completing the project. This will be of benefit to managers who will get higher productivity and employees will gain from the same. The employees should know that having progress logged effectively can be used as a proof of value which means employees can use their progress sheets to prove that they deserve a promotion. Employees who may not be willing to use time tracking will be motivated to increase their productivity and show their progress by filling the progress sheet.

Explain to your employees that you are not using tracked time to micromanage your team. Help the employees understand that this tool is used to evaluate progress. Explain that this program will highlight the employee’s efficient and reward it. You need to demonstrate to the employees how easy it is to use this program. You should do a presentation to show your employees that they can download the app and start tracking time which is easy to do. Let your employees know that there are many ways to track time that are easy to adapt should encourage them to start tracking time. You need to inform the employees when time-sheets are due as a way of encouraging them to track time. When the time-sheets are filled at a certain time everyone at the company may feel compelled to fill them including those who may not have decided to do so. This step will create expectations and also use crowd effect that says people tend to do what others are doing. This works to the advantage of managers since employees will easily follow the majority.

Create a job that will enforce tracking time and oversee the operations of employees as they use this device. This will give the employees someone to talk to if they are having issues adapting to this tool. Have weekly or monthly rewards for employees that are using the tracked time perfectly.

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