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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet has risen in popularity in spite of its wide criticism by nutritionists. The diet has low carbs and the body has to use its stored glucose when a person is on this diet. The body also focuses on burning fat. Making the choice of whether or not to go for the diet should not be a difficult task when you have a wealth of information concerning it. Thre are a number of advantages and disadvantages of this kind of diet and you can learn more here.

One advantage of the diet is that it has fewer carbs. The diet does not give any hunger pangs to the person on a diet. People usually give up on diets because of hunger but here, a person can stick to it comfortably. In the initial stages, a person also experience weight loss because they have cut on carbs. A consequence of cutting on carbohydrates is the burning of fat which ultimately results in weight loss. The body also decreases the level of insulin which means that less glucose will get stored in the body. Since many people on a diet desire to witness such results, this diet allows for loss of the extra pounds as soon as you begin its intake.

A ketogenic diet decrease subcutaneous fat which is often responsible or a number of diseases in the body. If you need help with your fitness whether you are performance athletes or worker bees the diet is good for the elimination of the fat. It has proven as a good solution to the burning of fat. Once subcutaneous fat is eliminated from the body, you will reduce the risk of getting diseases like high blood pressure and heart attack.

One disadvantage of the diet is that it results in the loss of muscle mass. Continued use of the diet makes the body enter into ketosis, where the body increases ketones resulting in the burning of glucose that is stored in the body. Nutritionists say that a person on a ketogenic diet does not have to decrease their calories severely. This can result in the loss of the muscle mass of the individual.

The other shortcoming of the diet is that you have to be watched over by a dietician. Ketosis is regarded as a mild complication of diabetes, but should not be regarded too seriously. The ketogenic diet might not supply the number of carbs requires for use by the body. There are numerous rumors concerning the diet but you need to find out about the positive and negative effects of the diet. These are some of the advantages and disadvantages if a keto diet.

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