How it relates

How it relates

This is quite simple. It is enough for two to hang together and be connected. When two of them are together, they will be the same. When two work together, they cooperate. And so on. However, we will devote ourselves to something else. That's what the bad pee has in common for men with something, so distant, like sex. Seemingly nothing and in fact many. But there is a need for knowledge of anatomy.
Masculine context
A smaller gland is stored around the male urethra, which is called the prostate gland in Czech. If this increases, as a result of aging, or also cancerous tumor, oppression the urethra. This is manifested by difficulty in urination. This, however, we receive from urination to sex. The prostate gland is very important for the successful fertilization of a female egg by a male sperm.

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