A radio that will push your ear

A radio that will push your ear

Pips from the World of music
Tune up the Impulssi radio on the internet and listen to it live wherever possible! Fun and a stream of useful information, it's us! Our moderators are experts on spoken word and surely will entertain you and not disappoint! Life, it's not just bad news!
Great music in your ears
If you don't catch your favorite show, don't despair! Just click on the Internet and our site is available to you with a video archive! You don't have to wait for the current broadcast and you can let us like this! Radio Impuls, this is a wonderful and correct choice for every cheerful listener!
Be cool from morning!
Tune in to our broadcasts right from the morning, or don't go to sleep at all! Radio Impuls plays non stop all Czech and foreign performers! Interesting shows are supplemented by news, so you will not miss anything! Have fun with our fun presenters and don't be sad! Tune in to our proper wave!

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